Cutting of spiral bevel gear on 3,4,5-axis CNC.

Here is an explanation how to use ZAKGEAR CAD software for correct 3d gear tooth surface simulation. The author uses this method for producing accurate 3d CAD models of spiral bevel and hypoid gears commonly known as Gleason or Klingelnberg gears.

Cutting spiral bevel gear

The following step by step technique was used to make the models.

1. Create a solid gear blank

2. Create a solid gear-cutting tool.

3. Align the blank and the cutting tool.

4. Run ZAKGEAR spiralbevel software.

Spiral bevel gear tooth surface

The cutting begins after starting the LISP program. The solid cutter moves around the gear blank and subtracts pieces out of it like on real cutting machines. The final CAD gear tooth surface has real faces from the cuts. The accuracy depends on the increment of cutting. As more cuts as more accurate the final surface.

CAD gear tooth cutting can be used:

- Creating a 3D tooth models for 3,4,5-axis CNC machining.

- Simulate the contact pattern and transmission error.

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