Advanced analysis tools and dynamic modeling of complex drive system, power transmissions, gears, drives. Innovative drive systems. New 3-d gear tooth dynamics prediction methods for power transmission gears. New CAD/CAM tools for advanced digital modeling of bearing contact surfaces. Prediction of sliding, rolling, friction and driving efficiency. New surface bearing geometry for increased load and driving efficiency. . .

Click here to see CAD images of gear drives generated by Stepan Lunin.

Rendered from 3D CAD models gear images (here). Tooth geometry was calculated on Stepan Lunin's advanced software.

Use left mouse button to rotate 3-dimentional model of helical gear.

Download Web3D viewer from Install Cortona VRML Client for FREE! in order to view graphics in 3-d.

More 3-d models calculated by DDS method:

Spiral bevel Novikov gear tooth in wire frame.

Spiral bevel Novikov gear tooth contact in rendering. Different positions of the contact during rotation.

Spiral bevel Novikov pinion tooth.

Spiralbevel gear regular tooth surface in wire frame.

Spiralbevel gear regular tooth contact in rendering.

Worm gear tooth surface.

DDS sample 3-d model of variable ratio rack.


It is better than The Theory of Gearing.

Cutting spiral bevel gear on PC.

TCA for hypoid and spiral bevel gears.

Modification of the gear tooth surface.

Parallel computing in gear modeling.

New discoveries in WN gear geometry.

Worm face gear with cylindrical pinion.

Worm face gear with tapered pinion.

Finite Element Method for tooth stress analyses.


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